White Cotton Fabric
Permanant Makeup

Face Empire use the art of cosmetic tattoo to create subtle enhancement to your natural beauty, with natural looking eyebrows, eyeliner and lip blush semi-permanent makeup.

Feather Brow 3.png

Feather touch brow

This styling technique creates hair like strokes to create a natural clean brow by partially or fully camouflage missing brow hair.

$350 | 3 Hours


Ombre brow

This styling technique is used to create a defined and soft shaded powdery penciled finish.

$350 | 3 Hours


Combination brow

Using the combination of feather touch and ombre to create a beautiful natural yet defined brow.   

$450 | 3 hours

Closed Eye

Lash enhancement

To achieve elegantly defined eyes without the hassle of applying daily eyeliner.

$300| Lash line - 90 minutes

$400| Wing design 120 minutes


Lip Blush

To create definition and enhance the natural color of the lips with the added benefit of collagen regeneration to naturally increase lip volume

$500 | 3 hours